Looking for a Commodities Plugin for my blog…

One of the most frustrating things about starting a blog is knowing that there is something that you want. Knowing that the platform that you are using (WordPress) HAS to have what you are looking for. And then not being able to find it.


Here’s what I want to put on the blog. A near real time updated commodities prices list. My buddy Eric did a stock price updating thing on his Real Estate News site. Seriously. This cannot be difficult.

Ping me if you find one. Just leave me a comment. Thanks.

A long start for the year.

Winter is a strange time for a farmer. You have the normal things of course, (milk the cows, get the eggs) but the rest of your time is spent fixing things. I feel like a mechanic, carpenter, and engineer all rolled in one. In the last week, I’ve had to repair three holes in the fence, replace the tractor’s engine, and now there’s a leak in the roof of the barn. Needless to say, it’s been a bad week. On the other hand, Dinner 1, (as we affectionately call our favorite heifer) gave birth last night, and the calf was as fit as an ox. We’ve only started raised large animals in the last couple of years, so seeing an increase is great for us.

In other important news, the New Year is here. We watched the Rose Parade yesterday. I’ve always been amazed by the floats in the parade. So much work is put into them. For something that will only be used once, the detail and craftsmanship is incredible. I guess it’s proof that hard work can be found in anything.

I heard the bells on Christmas Day.

As I was heading to church this Christmas Day, I heard the chimes of bells and I thought back to the song, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. With all that is wrong in the world and how all seems lost, I was heartened by the bells who told me with each stroke that the wrong with fail and the right prevail. Even with all the problems I have, I still have my family, my faith, and my farm. I don’t think that anyone can ask for more than that. So as I sat down in church, I couldn’t help but chuckle as that song was being played. 


As with every year, our President pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey. I did not. A lot of people just get a turkey from the store. We’re fortunate enough to have wild turkeys wandering around the field. There is now one less wandering around. Nothing personal, but he was delicious. My wife is a wonderful cook and Thanksgiving dinner was nothing short of heavenly.

Thanksgiving is the holiday of giving thanks and this year there is a lot for me to be thankful for. To start, we had a great year for harvest and it looks like we are going to make it to see another year. Our family is healthy and taken care of. The kids are doing well at school. The animals are healthy and strong and several of the heifers are pregnant. We have truly been blessed and I want to remember that as we go into the last month of the year.


So there’s now snow on the ground. Part of me says it’s about time. The other part of me wouldn’t mind if it waited a little longer.

It wasn’t much of a snow, just a little flurry, but it was enough to make William’s day. I don’t think he remembers last year and all the snow then, but he was only four, so what can you do?

As for me, I went into town and got some more feed for the cows. It’s unbelievable how much they eat. It’s good that they’re so useful, because if they weren’t, they’d run us out of house and home within a week. I’ve talked with some of the boys at the market, and they say that at least it’s only cows. One of them had goats and it apparently ate one of his boots.


The kids are out being driven around by their mother to go trick-or-treating at the church, or as they call it, trunk-or-treating since it’s done in cars. That leaves me here to post something. Specifically my son said, “you need to post more, or you’ll forget.” Thanks, son. Just what I wanted to do. With that said, I always did enjoy Halloween. When I was younger though, it was more a harvest festival than a candy smorgasbord. Not that I’m complaining about the change, I still get leftover candy that the kids don’t want, but I did enjoy the satisfaction of all the hard work done for the year. I got to know that my field works.

But I need to go lock up the cows, so I’ll get off now.