As with every year, our President pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey. I did not. A lot of people just get a turkey from the store. We’re fortunate enough to have wild turkeys wandering around the field. There is now one less wandering around. Nothing personal, but he was delicious. My wife is a wonderful cook and Thanksgiving dinner was nothing short of heavenly.

Thanksgiving is the holiday of giving thanks and this year there is a lot for me to be thankful for. To start, we had a great year for harvest and it looks like we are going to make it to see another year. Our family is healthy and taken care of. The kids are doing well at school. The animals are healthy and strong and several of the heifers are pregnant. We have truly been blessed and I want to remember that as we go into the last month of the year.


So there’s now snow on the ground. Part of me says it’s about time. The other part of me wouldn’t mind if it waited a little longer.

It wasn’t much of a snow, just a little flurry, but it was enough to make William’s day. I don’t think he remembers last year and all the snow then, but he was only four, so what can you do?

As for me, I went into town and got some more feed for the cows. It’s unbelievable how much they eat. It’s good that they’re so useful, because if they weren’t, they’d run us out of house and home within a week. I’ve talked with some of the boys at the market, and they say that at least it’s only cows. One of them had goats and it¬†apparently¬†ate one of his boots.