A long start for the year.

Winter is a strange time for a farmer. You have the normal things of course, (milk the cows, get the eggs) but the rest of your time is spent fixing things. I feel like a mechanic, carpenter, and engineer all rolled in one. In the last week, I’ve had to repair three holes in the fence, replace the tractor’s engine, and now there’s a leak in the roof of the barn. Needless to say, it’s been a bad week. On the other hand, Dinner 1, (as we affectionately call our favorite heifer) gave birth last night, and the calf was as fit as an ox. We’ve only started raised large animals in the last couple of years, so seeing an increase is great for us.

In other important news, the New Year is here. We watched the Rose Parade yesterday. I’ve always been amazed by the floats in the parade. So much work is put into them. For something that will only be used once, the detail and craftsmanship is incredible. I guess it’s proof that hard work can be found in anything.

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