Stuff that city people should know ;-)

Note to my city dwelling friends.

Yes, John..that includes you (hehe…). The groceries you buy and the food you eat in a restaurant comes from me. It takes a lot of work to build a steak or to grow a perfect vine – ripened tomato.

The vine ripened tomatoes thing really gripes me. I hear all of these chef whine about how they have to have a PERFECT tomatoes that tastes amazing to make their prize dishes with. Listen guys and gals…if you want perfection, then PAY for it.

The reason that we grow tomatoes by the millions that are ripened with ethylene gas is because we lose less of them between us (the farmers) and you (the chef). Yes, they don’t taste quite as good. I get that. But then don’t gripe about the price.

Just sayin.

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